Shoe Soles

Shoe soles are one of the newest additions to Richard Peiris Exports PLC’s product portfolio. We are capable in manufacturing shoe soles in different colors and different blends of rubber to suits different customer requirements. Our Sister company Arpitalian Compact Soles (Pvt) Ltd. Produce Arpilite soles and heels they are made with highest quality resin rubber formulations and conforms to technical specifications and standards set out by SATRA (UK) and Italian shoe manufacturers. Product reports issued by SATRA after testing Arpilite Soles certify that these are firm resin rubber soles with good abrasion resistance. They further recommend these sheets as a sole material for men's, women's and children's everyday footwear having cemented construction.

Available Colors

  • Grey

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Turquoise

  • Violet

  • Black

  • Yellow

  • Burgundy

  • Brown

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